Yamaha Descant Recorder

So your child wants to learn recorder

Yamaha Descant Recorder

Most schools in the UK will recommend the Yamaha descant recorder and book set if your child wants to learn to play the recorder. The recorder comes in three high quality plastic sections which are easy to put together. The holes are ideally spaced for young fingers

The book explains how to correctly hold the recorder. There is a wide variety of well known tunes for your child to learn. As the lessons progress the book clearly shows which combination of holes need to be covered to play a given note.

If your child is learning to play the recorder, you might want to invest in some ear plugs for the early sessions, until your child gets used to playing the instrument.

What does the Yamaha recorder sound like

I could already read music, after teaching myself for my music coding lessons, and using the book to get the note finger positions I was able to learn a short tune within fifteen minutes. Here is short video of me playing “Mocking Bird”