Lock PDF

A command line utility which locks a given PDF file with a secure password thus restricting the ability to edit or print the file.

As part of the standards based IHE consumer that I’m currently designing & building, I needed a utility which would restrict the printing of published PDF files. As the consumer retrieves a document from the XDS repository, it checks to see if that document is an unprotected PDF. If an unprotected PDF is detected then I needed to apply a unique password to lock down the PDF restricting both editing and printing.

The result became lockpdf, which I’m releasing for free.

The command is run from the terminal. It accepts an input file piped into it with the output file being created like:

lockpdf.exe < input.pdf > output.pdf

Each resulting output file will be locked with a unique password.

The simple command line utility has been crossed compiled for different computing architectures and the download package contains binaries for:

If you find the utility useful, then please let me know.


The complete package is available to download (lockpdf.zip) and is 10.9 Megabyte. The verification details are shown below.

  RELEASE : 03.Jan.2018
  VERSION : 1.0
MD5  HASH : ed55a5535b07f8bb624f1782afd7e46b
SHA1 HASH : 19d7673fa78e4002518cc191d4aeac966fb23bcd