AgeMove is simple Windows utility which allows you to move files from one folder to another based on each files date being between two specified dates.

AgeMove - File mover utility

I wrote this simple utility to clean up a folder full of log files created by an application. The logs files needed to be kept for regularity reasons, yet they had all been dumped into a single folder and allowed to accumulate over several years. I needed a simple to move the files into year based folders. Unfortunately, the folder had so many files (over 134 thousand) that Windows Explorer was struggling to display all the files. In fact, trying to drag and drop a years’ worth of files over to a new folder caused Windows Explorer to crash.

AgeMove.exe screen shot

AgeMove is simple to use

Download the zip file and unpack its contents. Then double mouse click the AgeMove.exe file to launch. Use the ... buttons to the right to select a source and destination folder. Then enter a valid date range. The source folder will be scanned and all the files which fall within the specified date range will be moved to the destination folder.

Using this tool I was quickly able to move all the 2014’s files into their own folder. Likewise for each year between 2013 and 2015.

You’re free to use the utility, which you can download from the link below.

Verification Details

  RELEASE : 23.May.2016
  VERSION : 1.0
MD5  HASH : 1ff92e36ad651b35006ac4de0644e684
SHA1 HASH : 9022d24189b3cdc4d062aa90dd9171f3e100f725