Hi, my name is Paul Bradley.

I’m a software developer with over 30 years programming experience. I currently specialise in cross platform software development creating software which runs on Windows and Linux.

I am currently employed by the National Health Service creating innovative medical software to assist doctors & consultants with their day to day operations. You can review my skills, proficiencies and experience by visiting either my work profile or my professional profile on LinkedIn.

I occasionally post on Twitter about Linux & software development under the handle @nhsdeveloper.


Outside of my NHS work I volunteer as a parent governor at the local village primary school, and help raise funds for the school as a member of the PTA. I am also an elected member of the local astronomical society.

Each week I run a codeclub session at the local primary school teaching children aged 9-11 the concepts of designing and writing code. I really enjoy inspiring the next generation.

Running a code club session


You can contact me at my email address, in fact, I gladly welcome personal email intended specifically for me! Kudos, questions, & corrections are all welcome. I assume that messages sent to me may be shared with the public unless you tell me otherwise.

As long as you aren’t sending me spam, my email address is “contact”, followed by the “at” sign, followed by “paulbradley.org”

Alternatively you can follow/contact me via Twitter.