Papers, documents & software written by Paul Bradley. Topics covered include software development, the GNU/Linux operating system, LaTeX and basic video editing techniques. Articles are ranked based on their popularity and readership.

This is my personal site; therefore, this site’s content is not endorsed by my employer, government, or dog. I currently work for the national health service as a software developer, specialising in health informatics. You can either read my professional profile on Linkedin or review my CV which outlines my skills and proficiencies

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Each week I run a codeclub session at a local primary school teaching children aged between 9 and 11 the concepts of designing and writing software. This is professionally very rewarding and I would recommend every software developer give it a go.

As computer programming is now a key part of the standard primary school curriculum, there’s never been a better time to help kids develop their coding skills. I’ve started writing my first book, a parent friendly guide to teaching your child coding skills while having fun creating music. You can read the first couple of chapters for free.


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Outside work

Outside work I enjoy cycling, climbing, hiking, skiing & via ferrata

Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata, des Saix de Miolène, France